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​NR is a coalition based program that places the neighborhood at the center of revitalization.

Habitat is just one spoke in the wheel that will assist Woodland Heights in their efforts to revitalize the neighborhood.

Depending on the goals outlined by Woodland Heights residents, future NR projects could include:

  • Working with the government to improve sidewalks, roads, and alleys.
  • Connecting local businesses with area residents to provide educational programs on topics deemed important.
  • Establishing a lawn equipment library so homeowners can take better care of their yards.

Thanks to everyone who completed the survey for Habitat at Dumpster Day and online! Take a look at what your neighbors are saying.<click here> Do you agree? Are you surprised? 

There will be a second opportunity to voice your opinion at the January neighborhood association meeting. There will be snacks and refreshments. 

Anyone who completes a survey will receive a Price Cutter gift card. We will choose a community project so don't miss it!

Want to learn about Woodland Heights as a A Great Neighborhood 

Total Housing Units1447
Vacant Housing Units15%
Owner Occupied Homes53%
Median Home Value$71,100
Median Income$21,231
Individuals Below Poverty Lever39%
Families Below Poverty Level35%


​Here are just a few questions about Neighborhood Revitalization.

What is Neighborhood Revitalization?
Neighborhood Revitalization (NR) is an approach to serve more families by responding to community goals with a variety of products, services and partnerships that enable residents to revive their neighborhoods and enhance their quality of life.

How does NR impact me?
The success of Woodland Heights and other neighborhoods, benefits everyone through decreased spending in public expenditures (i.e. the cost of juvenile delinquency, teenage pregnancy, etc.) increased tax revenue, new investment and jobs.

How will Habitat pay for NR projects?
As NR develops, we will better understand financial needs for the program as this encompasses projects beyond Habitat's menu of programs. The neighborhood will look to the collaborative efforts of businesses, churches and most importantly the resources encompassed within Woodland Heights to provide funding for all project needs. HFHS is only one spoke on the wheel of the entire program.

How did you pick Woodland Heights?
Woodland Heights was picked as the targeted NR area after a year of research. Habitat staff, board, and committee members visited multiple neighborhood meetings to determine the best fit for the NR program.